About More Than Balloons. We really  do do more than Balloons!   A small family business based in Yorkshire started out 2 years ago with a web site selling artificial  flora / wooden roses - evolved into the wedding market creating the Wedding Flowers and  decorating the tables.   Enthusiasm for photography led to Wedding Photography and the decoration of tables / Venues led  to formal training in balloon decoration, so now we able to offer packages:  Wedding Flora for those that cannot utilise or afford the real thing,  Venue and Table Decoration Balloon Decoration and guidance Wedding Photographer Or any Part of those Packages, we enjoy a challenge - Just ask.  We continue to evolve and grow, gaining experience whilst meeting and making new friends.  Should you wish for a particular Idea to be discussed / displayed on site without obligation, simply email us with your  request, the worst we can do is politely refuse,   Either way, Best of Luck on Your Special Day.