Our Services Vary from either the individual occasions such as a birthdays, anniversaries or personal special  occasions where only a few balloons may be needed to decorate the event, through to Large and  expansive occasions such as weddings, Club Parties, Corporate promotions where there may be  hundreds of balloons and associated media required. We also offer the chance to work on a strict budget, utilising your own artistic flair by creating your  own display with our guidance and ready made packages, all in the DIY section.  If you just want to live the dream and have your venue decorated like a movie stars  and do not  want the hassle and stress assosciated with it, no problem, we discuss what you want, when you  want it and we will do the rest, occasionally confirming that we are meeting your expectations.  Do you have a special theme in mind? we will probably have the means and expertise to create and  exceed your expectations for the day or recommend someone who can.  Need to maintain a theme for a product / Corporate promotion, over a period of time, occasionally, on a regular basis,  or just need some advice on who, what where and the best way to go about it?  Try us, we wont bite, we occasionally  explode, but never bite! Check out the services available if you can not see what you require, contact us for more information